Mask Brush - Hard
Mask Brush - Hard

Mask Brush - Hard

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Dr C. Lab sits at the intersection of science and beauty, East and West. Dr Catherine (in English) is a Vietnamese woman who studied cosmetic science in Japan and consults with major brands around the world. Her small family business is currently based out of San Fransisco with a commitment to clean, high quality skin care.

These brushes go great with the masks and mixing bowls available in the Beauty Better Collection.


A hard-type mask brush which is super-convenient for your at-home-spa skincare ! The brush is perfect for thickly textured mask like cream mask, butter mask, clay mask, body mask..


  • POINT 1:  Beautiful design with stylish clear handle ♥ 
  • POINT 2: Hard enough to get the mask & soft enough for the skin 
  • POINT 3: Keep your products, your skin and your hands in sanitary conditions. You can't miss this! ♥ 


Use the brush to take an appropriate amount of mask/masque and apply directly on your skin.


  • ✓ Clean the brush with water (and soap if needed) after use, then let it dry naturally.
  • ✓ Good to store at room temperature. 
  • ✓ Keep the product out of direct sunlight and avoid conditions of high humidity.

*Stop using right away if you think that the brush caused unexpected results on your skin.