Detox Face Mask + Polish
Detox Face Mask + Polish

Detox Face Mask + Polish

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What I Love About Nana + Livy - The Creativity

  • Amelia started making soaps during a long and difficult maternity leave and turned her hobby into a small business in Vancouver, Canada.
  • She named it after her daughters!
  • The brand is all about creativity, minimalism, craftsmanship and sustainability.
  • Amelia packages everything by hand so please allow an additional 3 - 5 days processing time. I.e. Don’t wait on ordering from her, especially if your in the US due to longer delivery times.
  • She uses FOOD in her “treats”….but they are non-edible and will not expire or grow mold.

Detoxifying. Cleansing. Purifying.

Being more than just a pouch of clay powder, Nana + Livy’s all-natural 2-in-1 Face Mask + Polish transforms the clay powder into a relaxing moisturizer (Face Mask) and a powerful exfoliator (Face Polish) for your skin. Mixed with bentonite clay and real food ingredients, our purifying Detox Face Mask + Polish cleanses your skin with detoxifying properties.

bentonite clay, cocoa powder, black bean powder, activated charcoal, orris root powder.


Face Mask: In a bowl, mix a spoonful of powder with a few drops of liquid. Using a facial brush, apply a thin layer to clean face and neck. Once mask is dry, rinse off with warm water.

Face Polish: Scoop a spoonful of powder in your palm. Gently massage powder onto wet face in a circular motion to exfoliate dead skin. Rinse with water.

Size: 50 g 

*Our pouches are 100% compostable.