Christmas Order Deadlines

Please check the following list to ensure your purchase will arrive in time for Christmas. If it looks like it won't, just shoot me a message and I will see if I can arrange for expedited shipping with the company. 

If your desired brand isn't listed, that means it is expecting a fairly normal processing and shipping time. I would allow for 7 days for US deliveries for those companies. 




Orders Processed over Christmas Break
The Better Skin Co. Products
Dec 10 NO
Velvette Face Oils
Dec 11  Discontinuing online sales Jan 1, 2021
Wondergloss Face Aperitif
Dec 12
Bamboo Soap Dish
Dec 12
Earth Harbor Beauty Products Dec 14 NO
Wood Wick Travel Candles
Dec 15
The Cotton & Canvas Co
Dec 15
Lizush Soaps
Dec 15
KIKO Leather Products
Dec 16 NO
Wet Dry Bags
Dec 17
Collapsible Straw Set
Dec 17


Slate + Salt 
Dec 17
Dec 17
Citi Collective Bags Dec 17
Beauty Bank Portable Charger
Dec 18
Joy Lane Farms
Dec 18
Mask Mixing Bowl
Dec 18
TAHNYC beauty products
Dec 18
Vie Verte
Dec 19 NO
Hard & Soft Mask Brushes
Dec 20